Nevada AG’s Office Issues Open Letter to the Industry – Trade Practice Reminder!

Nevada’s Attorney General, Catherine Mastro, sent out an open letter to alcohol beverage retailers, wholesalers and suppliers. The TTB settlement of just two years ago should still be fresh in the industry’s mind, but this open letter eliminates the grey area and lists 14 requirements that all the tiers must follow:

– No Loans from Wholesaler to Retailer

– No investments by Wholesaler in Retailer

– No complementary furnishings from Wholesaler to Retailer

– No Joint Operation of a Retailer’s Business

– Adherence to strict payment terms

– No Substitution of Brands

– No Boycotts of Other Suppliers

– No Resale Price Maintenance

– Profit Splitting

– No Delivery of Unwanted or Unnecessary Inventory

– No excessive or Unauthorized Ads or Promos at Wholesaler’s Expense

– Strict Adherence to Product Price

– No Discrimination among Wholesalers

– Deceptive Trade Practices

Here is a link to the full letter:

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