If you missed the first ever Golden State of Cocktails industry conference, you missed a great event! In a packed session, I discussed the basics of alcohol beverage law with brand owners, bartenders and bar owners in Legal 101 with Malkin Law. For a full schedule of presentations visit: During the session, we reviewed some basics of alcohol beverage law in the form of a pop quiz. Some of the questions discussed are below. If you don’t know the answers to all of these, please reach out to me directly at 1) What does “tied house” mean? 2) What is a “slotting fee”? 3) I am a brand owner, I can give free cases of alcohol to a retailer by dropping five cases off during a sales call, right? [True/False] 4) As a supplier, I can give a retailer a bottle of a brand it hasn’t ordered before so the retailer can taste it and decide whether it wants to place an order. [True/False] 5) As a supplier, I can provide consumer specialty items to retailers in CA. [True/False]    

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