Please remember you are required to  update federal permits issued by the TTB and licenses and permits issued by state regulatory bodies after initial qualification and application approval in order to avoid federal or state regulatory enforcement action. Changes to TTB permits or state alcohol beverage licenses may include, but are not limited to, updating information about the business entity, such as changes in titled positions, the addition of investors, a change in the person or entity that owns or controls the majority of voting stock in a corporation or the majority membership interest in an LLC, a change in the person or entity who exercises managerial control over the operations of the business, changes to trade names, methods of operation, equipment, changes to phone numbers, email addresses, mailing addresses, or a change of location, whether or not the change is intrastate or interstate. If you are unsure as to whether any of the above mentioned changes, or any other changes need to be reported to the TTB or state regulatory bodies, please contact Malkin Law to ensure that your permits and licenses are up to date and that you are in compliance with state and federal reporting requirements. All permit and licensure changes should be reported prior to making the change.