New Jersey Gets A Craft Distillery License

New Jersey is the latest state, in the growing number, to have a craft spirits license.

The Craft Distillery licensee is entitled to “manufacture not more than 20,000 gallons of distilled alcoholic beverages, provided that not less than 51% of the raw materials used in the production shall be grown in [New Jersey], and to rectify, blend, treat and mix distilled alcoholic beverages, and to sell and distribute [outside New Jersey] to any persons pursuant to the laws of the places of such sale and distribution, and to maintain a warehouse.”

The licensee may also sell products on the licensed premises of the distillery for consumption off the premises, but no more than two liters per day.

In addition, this license allows the licensee to offer consumers up to three samples per day. “Sampling means the gratuitous offering of an open container not exceeding one-half ounce serving of distilled alcoholic beverage produced on the distillery premises.”

The fee for this license is $938.

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