Hendrix Liquor Dispute Resolved

According to Law360, Tiger Paw Distributors LLC, et. al. “may sell booze containing titles of [Jimmy] Hendrix’s songs such as ‘Purple Haze’ and ‘Voodoo Child’ and may include references on the bottles’ labels to Hendrix, but the references must have a relatively smaller typeface and may not infer any endorsement, sponsorship or affiliation with the guitarist’s estate,” as ordered by a Georgia U.S. District Judge.

As noted in the Law360 article, Tiger Paw must also never register any trademark that would “directly or indirectly use Hendrix’s name, image or likeness,” and the company must delete videos from its website and social media that may violate the terms of the agreement.

The judge’s order stems from the suit Jimmy Hendrix’s estate brought against Tiger Paw, et. al., for federal trademark infringement and unjust enrichment. 

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