A New York law takes effect immediately and helps most New York licensees. Section 1 of the Bill amends the ABCL to allow distillers to conduct tastings of liquor they manufactureOR any New York-labeled liquor and to sell such liquor at retail for both on and off-premise consumption (customers must be physically present at the distillery in order to purchase liquor for off-premise consumption), so you may now sell bottled of spirits produced by you at the distillery, regardless of whether or not they were produced from New York agricultural products. For tastings and sales for on-premise consumption, you must keep food available for sale or service to your customers (sandwiches, soups, foods that do not require tableware, such as cheese, crackers and olives, fruit, bread, etc.). Section 2 of the Bill amends the ABCL to allow distillers to post prices annually (on or before December 5th) instead of monthly and you may file amendments to prices at any time between annual filings. Section 3 of the Bill states that the prices that are currently in effect are considered the annual price filing for each distiller. For the full bill text, click here.

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